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"5-Days of INCREASE" Challenge
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  • The Simple Faith-Based Framework That Will Instantly Move Your Life from Average to AMAZING
  • ​How to Activate Biblical Principles for Financial Wealth, Prosperity and Abundance (Without Feeling Shame, Guilt or Greed)
  • ​The Simple "Shift" That Will REMOVE FEAR & Reprogram Your Mind for Increase (The Key to Unlocking the Increase Life)
  • ​How to Eliminate Hidden Poverty Mindsets That Have Held You Back From the Success You Deserve
  • ​How to Make Increase "Automatic" In ALL Areas of Life (Increase Across the Board - Faith, Finances, Family, Fulfillment and Fitness Every Single Day)


Unfortunately for YEARS now, Christians have had this reputation of being broke, soft and timid. 

As though there is honor (more like false humility) in being "okay" with living paycheck to paycheck and just scraping by...

On top of that, many teachers have come along and taught us all that in order to get ahead, we should cut expenses, quit drinking lattes, eat ramen noodles and live as small as possible... 🤢

The Increase Message is for Christians who know without a shadow of a doubt that God wants them to WIN. 

They know it's God's Will, His Plan, for you to be successful in all you do, including your money.

Why should the world make more money than Christians, when God gave us The Financial Advantage? 

We don't believe that "decreasing" and cutting back is the way to live - we believe that you INCREASE to where you want to be! 

When looking to increase your financial margin you've got two choices: 

Spend less or make more. 

We choose to make more. 



I'm not going to teach you to stop going to Starbucks and buying lattes... 

I'm going to teach you how to go to Starbucks whenever you want AND be the type of person who stands up and says:

"The next round is on me!"

The goal of the Increase Life isn't to spend as little money as possible - 

The goal is to create a life where you're not concerned about money so you can live a life of abundance, purpose and next-level generosity!

Jesus tells us in John 10:10 that "the thief comes in order to steal, kill and destroy...But I have come that you may  have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance, to the full, till it overflows!"

That's the Increase Life.  Enjoying life, having it in abundance, you're so full that it overflows into other people's lives!

Over the past 15 years, my wife and I have constructed a life using Godly principles, strategies and habits that have resulted in a life that continually trends upward...Each day truly better than the last. 

Our businesses, our income, our bank accounts, our marriage, our friendships, our children, our fulfillment, our purpose, our time freedom, our impact, our influence... our fun - INCREASES DAILY. 

Like us, you believe that it doesn't honor Him or represent Him well when His children are poor, broke or just scraping by... 

Living paycheck to paycheck is NOT okay, neither is living below your full potential. 

If you KNOW that you are not at a certain level of success that you could or should be at, then this Increase Challenge is FOR YOU. 

If you've ever thought, "I should be further along in life than I am by now." - YOU'RE RIGHT. 

You should be. 

This Increase Challenge will show you the steps you need to take to get there.


You coming or are you okay with being left behind?


Travis Peters is now the world's #1 "Increase Coach" and has an uncanny ability to teach Christians how to prosper financially, remove fear from their lives and thrive in any situation or circumstance.

He's an entrepreneur, author, speaker and creator of the wildly successful online courses and training programs: "Increase University, Mini-Agency. Accelerator, Escape Your Day Job Masterclass  and the "$10K Christians" Coaching Programs.

He put together this challenge for all of those who have ever thought, "I should be further along in life than I am right now " 😔

If you follow his instructions during the course of this challenge, he will get you to where you SHOULD be and beyond...

This has nothing to do with budgeting, cutting expenses or spending

We show you how to live a life of INCREASE now, not decrease...

(In other words, Dave Ramsey would not approve of this teaching) 😉

If you're looking to increase, you're in the right spot.
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"I can honestly say Travis has a unique and refreshing style like no one else out there. He's like a Christian version of Gary V combined with Robert Kiyosaki.  He tells it like it is, he cuts the fluff and is in your face direct. AND I LOVE IT." 


"I never resonated with the whole, 'cut expenses like crazy, live like a broke person, don't spend any money' mentality that other teachers/preachers seem to have. Travis' approach is MY TYPE OF APPROACH. He wants you to increase, never decrease, move forward, never backward. He knows what the Bible says and backs all of his teaching up in scriptures. I've honestly never heard or seen anything like it. My wife and I began implementing Travis' frameworks and strategies and our money, business, marriage and overall happiness has hit 2-3 new levels.  Take his courses and do what he says. You won't regret it." 


"I grew up in a household where I was taught that being wealthy was bad. We always associated being rich with being greedy. I didn't realize I was doing that until I went through Travis' training materials.  I had old poverty strongholds that had to be uncovered and rebuilt. Travis showed me how to do that and now I'm beginning to experience the financial increase that God has made available to me!"


"For me, money has always caused me a lot of worry and anxiety. I used to lose sleep over it, fight with my husband about it, worry about not having enough. Travis showed us over and over again in the Word where God promises to be our Provider and that we would never lack. Once I learned that Promise, Travis was able to show us how to actually make it active in our lives. And that was the part we were missing. I don't worry about it any more and God has shown up countless times as our Provider. The peace of mind I now have around money is something I never thought I'd be able to have. Thank you Travis!"


"As an entrepreneur, I'm driven by progress. I want to achieve new levels. New levels of money, sales, business...But also in my personal life, marriage, family, my purpose...Travis' frameworks that he teaches are so simple and easy to follow,  they have God at their core, AND show you how to have success and take new ground. Long gone are the days of Christians being average. It's time we rise up and take our place at the top."


"I love that Travis isn't afraid to talk about money and making more of it. Most Christian teachers and leaders shy away from it or take a watered down approach. NOT TRAVIS lol. He's unafraid, I'd even say bold as he talks about why Christians should be the most financially successful people in the world. But what he's really good at is showing you how to actually make it happen. This isn't just theory, this is ACTION.
I can't say enough good things about Travis and the Increase Message. "
It's Time To Click Below, Join The Challenge And Accelerate Your Life.